by Jess

Once you become addicted to crochet you pretty quickly become addicted to buying yarn which means you end up with a large yarn stash! This then requires a storage solution.

I used to just keep mine on shelves in my living room but had noticed it was gathering dust and I also noticed a moth near it which freaked me out as I know they can lay eggs in it, not sure if that is just wool but I didn’t want to take the risk.

I really wanted a glass doored cabinet so I started keeping an eye on FB marketplace for one and luckily this beauty came up, and best of all it was free as the owners were moving and couldn’t take it with them.

I sent Matt over in his van to collect it not realising how big it actually was, he had a nightmare getting it out as it was upstairs in an apartment but when he got it back it fitted perfectly in this spot in our living room which is where it now lives, so it was all worth it! He might not agree.

Here it is before it’s cabinet makeover…

I nearly forgot to get a before photo as you can see I had already started painting it! Matt sanded it for me as I hate sanding. Then I just used matt emulsion paint as we had some in the shed, it actually stuck to it without any issues and I put a layer of sealer on top afterwards to make it more durable and easier to wipe.

cabinet makeover before

Here is the end result…

cabinet makeover after

I’m so pleased with it and I love being able to see all my colourful yarn through the glass doors. The cupboards underneath are perfect for storing all my other crochet supplies too.

cabinet makeover after it's been painted with blue paint

Where do you all keep your yarn?

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