by Jess

The giant tiger wall hanging is now finished! It took me hours to draw up the design for this and making it wasn’t easy with so many colour changes but I’m so pleased with the final result and it’s definitely one of my favourites.

The pattern is now live in my Etsy shop, it comes with a colour block chart, row by row written instructions and a graph chart so you can make it using your preferred method.

You can find it HERE.

giant tiger crocheted wall hanging using corner to corner stitch pattern

As I mentioned above, there are quite a lot of colour changes which meant there were SO many ends to weave in, in fact I didn’t actually weave them all in. Anyone who can’t bear things half finished would freak out but it doesn’t bother me so the ones in the middle that can’t be seen when it’s hanging are still there. Maybe one day I will weave them in but then again maybe I won’t, when it’s hanging on the wall, who even knows?!

giant tiger crochet wall hanging pattern

I have a few more complicated designs coming up soon, I’m currently working on one which is taking me ages but it’s even bigger than this. It’s absolutely HUGE!! I also have some new, more simple designs, to share with you, a bit more like my flamingo in terms of difficulty. You can find that one and a few others in my Etsy shop if you wanted to give it a go.

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook too.

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