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I absolutely love corner to corner crochet, it’s my favourite technique to use. I’m obsessed with designing corner to corner graph charts and that’s what led me to selling the patterns in my Etsy shop.

I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of resources for those of you who have bought one of my patterns, or for anyone looking for help on the corner to corner crochet technique.

If you are an absolute beginner then I would definitely recommend this YouTube tutorial, it’s how I learnt the technique a few years ago and I found it so simple to follow. It covers the basics like how to start off and how to increase & decrease.

Once you are comfortable with the basic stitches then the next thing you will want to look at is how to change colours. Until about a year ago I used to just slip stitch the new colour in but then I heard about this method of changing colour and it is an absolute game changer!! It results in such clean colour changes.

I’ve embedded the video below and you can click through to read the full blog post HERE.

A note on carrying yarn, there are lots of tutorials out there showing you how you can pull yarn down and carry it when doing corner to corner crochet but I personally don’t do this, I would rather weave in a few extra ends then risk seeing the yarn being carried. It’s a personal choice though and if it makes life easier for you then give it a go!

When it comes to weaving in ends, this post with a video tutorial shows you how.

As you start to experiment with more complex designs you will end up with lots of yarn attached to your work as you will need to pick up and drop colours frequently. I have seen some awesome homemade bobbins around the internet to solve this problem, from simple pegs or clamps with yarn wrapped around them to full structures like this one.

For me personally, I don’t bother with any kind of bobbin. I have to work from my sofa and just find it easier to leave all the balls of yarn attached, for bigger pieces it can get knotted up so I just keep an eye on it and if it gets really tangled then I snip it all off and re-join.

My patterns come with a colour block chart, written row by row instructions and a graph chart. If you are using just the graph chart then you can either print it off and use a pen and ruler to mark off the rows as you complete them or you can import them into an app which allows you to do it digitally. Another amazing how-to and video post here by 3amgracedesigns.

As you get more confident with corner to corner crochet you might like to try a variant stitch such a mini corner to corner. This will make smaller blocks so the size of the finished piece will be smaller.

Instead of using treble crochet stitches (double crochet in U.S), you use half treble stitches (half double in U.S). I’m personally not a huge fan of the half treble stitch so haven’t tried it but I am planning to make one of my patterns with it so I can show you the difference. If you were interested in trying it then here is another tutorial by 3amgracedesigns, she makes great tutorials!

When you have finished your piece you might want to block it, again personally this is something I don’t bother with. I don’t mind there being a slight irregularity in the edges and prefer that over blocking! If you feel your piece needs it though then here is a great article going through all the methods and things you need to do it.

And finally, one of my biggest C2C crochet tips is to size down with your crochet hook. This will avoid there being gaps in your work and keep it nice and tight.

corner to corner crochet resources

If you love corner to crochet and want a fun summer blanket project to work on then do check out my C2C summer themed blanket!

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